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What Is Agoraphobia?Panic-Disorder-and-Agoraphobia

AgoraphobiaThe essential feature of Agoraphobia is anxiety about being in (or anticipating) situations from which escape might be difficult or in which help may not be available in the event of having a Panic Attack (or panic-like symptoms). Oftentimes, when in this situation, an individual may have the vague thought that something dreadful may happen. Such concerns must persist for at least 6 months and occur virtually every time an individual encounters the place or situation.


Agoraphobic fears typically involve characteristic clusters of situations that include being outside the home alone; being in a crowd or standing in a line; being on a bridge; and traveling in a bus, train, or automobile.

  • Using public transportation, such as automobiles, buses, trains, ships, or planes
  • Being in open spaces, such as parking lots, marketplaces, or bridges
  • Being in enclosed spaces, such as shops, theaters, or cinemas
  • Standing in line or being in a crowd
  • Being outside of the home alone


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