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Client: Jan K, London. UK

I first started seeing Counsellor Susan Culver in 2009, at my NHS GP Practice in London. At the time I was in a difficult relationship with another Susan, whom we shall call Sue P. Sue P was very insecure and as a consequence was, in my opinion, very controlling. At this time I was beginning to develop strong symptoms of OCD. Read More>

Client: Neil P, London. UK

I have been having regular sessions with Susan since January 2012.  In these 4 years, I can honestly say I have seen a massive improvement in my confidence and life skills.  She is a very perceptive counsellor and is eager to provide me with an incredible amount of support, but is never afraid to challenge me in a creative and positive way.  I would have no hesitation to highly recommend Susan to anyone who feels they are in need of conquering anxiety issues or any other areas that they would like to improve on in their life.

Client: Tom Mc, London. UK

I started my counselling with Susan approximately 3 years ago and she helped me greatly.  I was nervous and worried when I first went, but soon got into a routine of trust. She has a knack of making me feel at ease, so that helped me immensely. I found her reliable, friendly and sympathetic and helped me to see issues from different angles and ways. She helped me reframe my issues, although it took me a long time. I can say she was patient and a constant support in my recovery.  With Susan’s help, I am where I am today.  She does her job very well indeed. I am glad I have counselling in my life. Read More>

Jan S, California. USA

I was very skeptical at first about counseling/therapy. My primary doctor recommended I try counseling to see if it might lower my blood pressure. It was worth a shot considering other options included having to take blood pressure medication. After a few sessions with Susan, my blood pressure returned to normal. I was pleasantly surprised how much the counseling sessions helped in other matters. I was learning new tools to deal with the occasional depressive episodes. Susan has helped me re-frame life and work events toward positive thought and action. I’ve moved from a torturous daily grind to being mindful of my day and experiencing it to the fullest, turning wants into actions plans and even positive results for my goals.

Client Steve P, London. UK

I found Susan very easy to talk to during my counselling sessions. I felt I was being listened to and am very grateful for the suggested reading she gave me as this has helped me in my self-development since.

Client: Kevin X, USA

When I first reached out, I wanted to try to understand this whole situation more. But after a while I realised perhaps its not all my fault. I started to realise of how hurt I actually was. However I was unconsciously healing myself. unconsciously leaning on other people for support. What this session did was help me realise my feelings. Perhaps I should focus more on myself first. I need to be in control of my emotions, and not let him influence it, at least not to this extent. Thanks Susan.

Client: Saran, India

“Life was so stressful and I had to do something about it. Took a therapy session with Susan. She is amazing. She is a great listener. Anxiety kicks in whenever I talk to someone new. But that was not the case with Susan. I felt very comfortable talking to her. She listened to all my problems patiently and encouraged me to stand for myself, to handle situations better in life. I am glad that I got an opportunity to talk and share my problems with her. Based on my experience during our first session, I have felt encouraged to continue with my sessions. I would highly recommend Susan as a therapist to anyone who wants to schedule a therapy session”.

Client Luming H, Indonesia

Thank you very much. I felt talking with Susan very enjoyable, and this is the first time I talked about what I think of myself.

Client: Olive C, USA

“When I first skyped Susan I was so nervous I called her the day before instead! My past experiences with therapy haven’t all been positive and the Skype component was very new to me. Susan is very attentive and her questions were helpful as we broke down my experiences together. In the past when I became overwhelmed from explaining uncomfortable memories I was rushed along to get to the “point”. With Susan, I was given the patience to breathe and time to check in with my emotions. Never would’ve expected such a positive and thorough experience from a consultation appointment. I trust her perspective and look forward to working with her again.”

Client: Les F, USA

Using Therapy 121 was a great experience. It was very easy to schedule an initial appointment. Susan really worked with me and made it feel like I was in a safe place and like she understood me. She made me feel calm and peaceful and even gave me some advice to help me calm down and how to differentiate between my anxiety and depression. Even though I couldn’t work out something long term I couldn’t be more thankful for the session!

Client: Wren W, USA

I really enjoyed talking with Susan today! She was very understanding and listened to everything I had to said and I just wanted to give her a hug after the session today! She was so great! 🙂

Client: Sharon W, Saudi Arabia

The session was very helpful, as it provided a general strategy to cope with the issue which already helps a lot, the psychologist was also very friendly and straight to the point. Thank you very much 

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