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Personal Coaching


“You take the Blue Pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the Red Pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” ~ Morpheus

 Will you take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill? 

I am guessing that as you here reading this page, to some degree, you are thinking about coaching.  Our coaching process focuses on your specific personal goals, business needs, life issues, transitions in your personal life, relationships or career.  By examining what is going on right now, discovering your obstacles and challenges, you can plan a course of action to make your life exactly what you want it to be. With 121 Coaching, you can start your journey right now online from the comfort, privacy and convenience of your own home or office. Just grab your phone and connect today and get your inital consultation session FREE . Blue Pill or Red Pill, the choice is yours.

How Will Coaching Work For Me?

Life Coaching is a designed alliance between you and your coach where the working relationship gives all the power back to you and create a compelling vision to succeed. We believe that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside. Our skills are about knowing the right questions to ask you and having the right tools and techniques to empower you to find those answers within yourself. We help you connect your head and your heart in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action for your life.
At therapy 121, you can become anything you want to be.  You can create your dreams and we can help you bring them into reality. Our specialist coaches offer a variety of services to suit your unique needs. See your list of services above.

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