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Do I really need counselling?

If something has been troubling you for some time and you are finding it difficult to find a solution on your own, then you may need counselling.  It can be a difficult decision to make, taking courage to own that may you need professional help.  A better question is, “what might I benefit from trying counselling?”  Many people, whatever their situation, have found counselling extremely helpful. It tends to be more effective and successful if it’s your choice, rather than someone else telling you, ‘should’ get counselling.

How much will I have to pay for my sessions?

At Therapy 121, our team of practitioners will usually charge per session. You can find out how much each charges by having a look at the ‘Fees’ section on their individual profile page. Fees often depend the experience of the practitioner. On average, expect to pay between $70/100 per 50 minute session for our Counsellors and between $70/150 per 1 hour session for our coaches and hypnotherapists. Your initial consultation session will be free and as we believe in affordable therapy, there maybe reductions if you are unemployed or on a low income. So please ask!

What happens at my first session?

We offer a free assessment consultation session wich lasts between 10 and 20 mins. Your practitioner will typically ask questions about you and your life. This information is completely confidential and helps us make an initial assessment of you, your situation and your needs.  It is also an important opportunity to find out if this is the right practitioner for you.  It is very important that if you don’t feel a rapport with your counsellor or coach, that you are honest, as a strong and authentic working relationship will the key to successful results and healing.

Can I have my sessions by Phone Or “In person”?

Yes, these options are possible, depending on the practitioners ability to work by phone or if they are local to your area to arrange,”in person” sessions. Due to Licensing restrictions in the USA and Canada, our British BACP counsellors cannot work with clients, “in person” in any US State.  However, our BACP counsellors are able and insured to work face to face in any other country in the world. Our certified Coaches are able to work,” in person” in any international location.  Each practitioners location, can be found on their profile page.

Do I need a Counsellor or a Coach?

A counsellor provides a safe, supportive and confidential space, providing a service for those looking for support and treatment for a wide range of mental health and emotional issues. Our Coaches can help you explore and define your life direction, build a laser focused plan and initiate action to achieve healthy life changing results. The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as a thought-provoking and creative partnership / process that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.

How can I be assured of a practitioners’ professionalism?

All of our Counsellors, Coaches and Hypnotherapists carry professional qualifications, insurance cover and proof of membership and/or accreditation with a professional body.  We all adhere to and are bound by the strict ethical framework of the BACP(British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy), Code Of Ethics of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and AHA (American Hypnosis Association).  Please read our privacy policy for full details or contact us at and talk to member of our team.

How often do I see my counsellor or coach?

We offer weekly sessions, however this can vary depending on your personal needs. Weekly sessions are encouraged as one week is considered a optimum length of time to process your previous session, providing continuity, connection and momentum.  In Counselling, short-term therapy lasts usually 6-18 weeks with long-term therapy sometimes going on over years. Coaching is more flexible as your coach can tailor your sessions to fit around your time availability and your budget. Coaching can be as short as 4 weeks or can last as long as is required.

How can I stay safe online?

From cyber-bullying to online fraud, the Internet can be both a scary and risky environment. Here at Therapy 121 we take your confidential and privacy extremely seriously, holding any delicate and private information off line to help ensure your safety. Unfortunately, no web security is full proof  and we need your help too minimise risk.  We work via Skype, which has proven to be reliable so far, however we cannot take any responsibility for any Skype security breeches when using this service. For tips and information about how to navigate the web safely, visit our fact-sheet on how to stay safe online.