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You will benefit from reading this page if you are



    • Stuck in a job you hate and want to make a living from using your creative passion?
    • Dealing with music industry politics and stuck on how to deal with it?
    • Been burned by the music or film industry and don’t know where to turn?
    • Been burned out by your creativity.
    • Want to get in touch with the creative in you, but don’t know how?
    • Feel that you have lost yourself creatively and want to get back to you and express?
    • Wanted to be a Music producer, creative or Artist and don’t know where to start?
    • An Established Music creative who needs help to laser focus and plan a career strategy for success?

 If this is you, read on ……..

What Is Creative Coaching?


There’s no argument anymore. Neuroscience confirms that highly creative people think and act differently than the average person. Their brains are literally hardwired in a unique way. But that gift can often strain relationships. I’ve seen it firsthand while working as a music industry professional and being a creative myself.

If you are a highly creative person, you probably experience moments where you feel like you live in a completely different world than everyone else.. Truth is, you do. But trying to change is as hard and pointless as shoving a square peg in round hole.  Creative people often don’t know their true value. They are born sensitive and attuned to a different frequency than others.  Some are labeled the “black sheep of the family’ because those around them cannot understand what makes them tick or why they act in a certain way that appears different from, “the norm”. Creatives are what we refer to as “Rainbow People”.  These are people with a diversity of talents, interests and personality traits.  Here at Therapy 121, we specialize in helping a Rainbow Person integrate all the different things they love to do into a fulfilling life and career that help people bring passion, purpose and meaning into all areas of their lives.


Does a creative Coach work on personal goals or business/professional goals?


Both, actually. Personal goals can often be their business and career goals.  Rainbow people have such a diverse set of talents and a prolific fountain of ideas, that are very often confused about what they want to do. If they have had any experience with traditional career testing, they may feel like “a fish out of water” because they do not fit in the slots and boxes that apply to others. They often have a hard time focusing on one thing.


We work with:

  • All women you want to take control of their lives, feel confident, believe and succeed.
  • Male and female creatives who have missed or lost their opportunity to excel and shine.
  • Male and female creatives who have been burned by the music or film industry and need to unload and heal.
  • Music industry professionals who need to ground, channel their creativity, laser focus and achieve their ultimate goals.
  • Professional Music industry consultancy for Artists, creatives and Producers.
  • Creative people who don’t know how to truly express their creativity, but would love to try.


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