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A new journey awaits


Life transitions can hurt. It may be a transition that you have been hoping for, for a long time, like for example retiring by the lake, or a transition that you did not expect, for example the death of a loved one. Positive or negative, a life transition is simply another term we use for “change”.



Life transitions are inevitable


Changes are the very fabric of life itself and nature is a beautiful example of it. Just witness the change of seasons and you will get a sense of what transitions may be. Nature on the other hand does not resist change. When fall comes the tree does not resist loosing its beautiful red and gold leafs to become bare and grey. A bunch of branches. The tree accepts the transition elegantly and gracefully. It accepts this as a natural cycle of life. The difference in human beings is that we resist the change and we find it difficult to accept it.

At the core of dealing with changes, lies acceptance. Acceptance of the natural cycle of life which entails change. How do you greet life transitions? With fear and resistance? Or with a sense of curiosity, acceptance and gratefulness ?
Just like the tree is able to let go of the old leaves, the aim of life transitions is to learn to let go of something old in order to replace it with something new…Something better….Change is a natural process, just like the seasons, it is necessary for growth.

While the circumstances of each client are unique and different, the skills and attitudes required to successfully move ahead are much the same, namely being positive, patient, proactive, non-judgemental and grateful to name a few.



There Is Life After Change


At Therapy 121 we help you to accept changes as a natural cycle of letting go and creating something new. We assist you to move through life’s transitions with grace and dignity, overcoming any fear or resistance.  Our team of Counsellors will support you and guide you in finding the solid place inside that has all the resources to grow and open up to a new world of possibilities.


Where Am I Going?


There are moments in life when we know we need to drastically shift the course of our lives in order to live a life we love and truly be happy. Moments that while sometimes scary, will lead to a change that allows us to grow, evolve, and finally become who we were meant to be.


If You Think You Need Help Through A Life Transition, Book a free consultation TODAY!

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