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Welcome to Therapy 121 and your first session!


We are delighted that you had decided to talk with a Therapy 121 Coach.  This is the most important first step to getting the help you need. 

You will already have been sent an appointment date & time, the name of your coach and their contact details.  If you have not received this, then please contact: [email protected]

Please note:  Your appointment time is based on your time zone and a correlating time will be sent to your coach based on their time zone. To ensure a successful connection, it is always advisable to add your coach to skype at least 2 hours before your appointment. This will confirm that you will be attending and ensure that you are connected prior to your appointment time.

Steps before your coaching session.


Step 1: Your coaching confidentiality and working agreement is essential. Please download your counselling agreement. Coaching Agreement  


Step 2: We invite you to read this agreement and if you agree, please complete, sign, scan and send back to your Counsellor via email before you session can begin. We suggest sending it at least 24 hours before your session.


Step 3: Please add your Coaches Skype address to your Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime or Google Hangouts account in advance, in order to ensure correct connectivity and a smooth, uninterrupted session on the day. Once your Coach has accepted your request, they will usually leave you a message to confirm the connection. 


Step 4: At the time of your session, your Coach will always IM you on your chosen video call platform to ask if you are ready to start your session. 


Step 5: Your Coach will video call you to begin your session. 


If you cannot make your first session, please give your coach as much notice as possible.  

We look forward to supporting you in your steps to success! 

The Therapy 121 team

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