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“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again. ~ Joseph Campbell

There’s a lot of talk online and in the spiritual community about “sacred space”. But if you’re new to this world, or just haven’t ever explored this concept, it can feel unattainable and maybe even a bit scary. So I’m gonna break it down for you.

A sacred space is your sanctuary. A place where you can meditate or pray, work alchemy, relax, practice yoga, dance, or even just check-in with yourself and your dreams. It’s a space where you prepare yourself for the day. And a place for you to come home to, to recharge your body, mind and spirit. Knowing that when we care for our space in this way, we are more clear, open, grounded, magical – creating sacred space facilitates this and restores us to our best selves.

How and where you decide to create your sacred space is really up to you. It’s very much a personal thing. It does not have to be grand or “Pinterest ready”. It just has to feel good. And while I’m fascinated by Feng Shui and other methods of spiritually designing our spaces, for some (myself included) our homes are not “Feng Shui” friendly, nor do we have the time, space or money to create a mini temple at home. What to do? Keep reading on and I’ll show you.

It may be that I am a spring baby or the fact that my rising sign is in Virgo, but the act of spring cleaning and creating sacred space lights me up. This ritual is almost like an active meditation for me, and very cathartic. Just the act of making sacred space can make me feel like Beyonce before a performance. Bring it!

Having a sacred space of our very own gives us permission to just be. We don’t have to meet anyone else’s needs but ours. And for that single moment, we feel more deeply present. To hear nothing but the sound of your breath or a song that will break your heart open is everything. Our sacred space is a place for our intuition to sit and converse with us without the chaos of everyday life.

Designating a space and declaring it sacred – there is power in that my darlings.

Personally, I have several different spaces. I chose to create them in places I spend most of my time on a daily basis. It’s where I create, hustle, practice self-love and care, organize thoughts & feelings, exhale, make magic and center myself.
Here are examples of my sacred spaces:

I love my nook at home. When everyone is asleep, I swear it’s the most magical place in the world. It is my workspace / boudoir / altar. When I am home, that is where you will find me. My walls have pictures, art, words and images that inspire and express who I am. I have textures, fabrics, crystals, decks of cards, oils and candles. Everything in there is intentional. I romance myself and my space with incense and fresh flowers. I created it next to a balcony, where I am bathed by the light that radiates through my sheer white curtains hanging. It is heaven.

As a creative / designer, I make sure my workspace is infused with visuals, the perfect playlist, the right pens, planner and my headphones. It’s all part of my weaponry at work, my metaphorical “do not disturb” sign. In a workplace environment, you have to protect your space and set your boundaries. I have Palo Santo and rosewater to clear and bless. Crystals for creativity, hustle and energy protection (black tourmaline protects my computer, gadgets and myself, especially when Mercury goes retro). I’m grateful to be next to a window where the sun hangs out with me in the afternoon. My work space thus becomes a perfect place to recharge whenever I need it.

I have a long commute to and from work. I could easily let the crazy of rush hour take over, but I choose not to. My car is my space to prepare for work. And to release everything from my day and recharge before I come home to my family. I light Palo Santo to clear space, talk to my guides, angels, ancestors, and my intuitive voice when it wants to be heard. I have playlists, classes or audiobooks ready to accompany me on my drive home. And then there are also times that I just drive in silence. Silence is truly golden. On the really heavy work days, I always take a 20 min nap right in the car before I walk into my home. This mama loves a nap!

I decorate my body with patterns, jewelry, metallics and textures. I cleanse & heal it with coconut milk or salt baths. I wear talismans (my turquoise pendulum, my Frida pin, my “Tribe” pendant) to remind me of my purpose and who I am. My arms and hands are adorned with ink of Goddesses & deities who I connect with (Erzuli & Kali Ma), my daughters’ names (my loves), personal symbols, etc. I wear oils on my skin, honey on my lips and crystals in my bra to heal, expand, protect & awaken all of me. I am my very own altar.

Now that you’ve seen how I do sacred space, let’s talk yours. Remember, this is your space and personal expression. Drop any over-thinking or judgment. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Here are a few starting points to help…

If you’re wondering what space to choose, I suggest starting at home first. Choose a space in your home, preferably one where you can have some privacy. It will probably be a place that you already tend to spend most of your time in. You’re bringing energy and intention here so choose what connects to your Soul. Know that your space will always be changing – it evolves as you do.

The goal is to reclaim some sacred space for yourself, so you want to make sure it’s fresh and clean. Ditch (or donate) anything that no longer serves you. And be very selective about what you bring into the space once it’s clean. Try clearing and blessing your space with sage or palo santo (they even make spraysif you’re sensitive to smoke). Cleansing brings clarity. And clarity, both physical and mental, is a beautiful gift to give yourself. So do this on a regular basis.

This is my favorite part. What are your desires? How do you want to feel? It’s time to awaken your inner child and get creative. Explore colors & textures. Collages, books & art pieces. Pillows, tapestries, lighting, fresh flowers, music, incense, oils, dark chocolate, whiskey. Collaborate with your senses here!You can create an altar that hold objects of deep meaning, candles, statues of deities, tarot cards, love letters or crystals, that are fully charged, to help you handle some spiritual gangster business. Whatever you decide, this space needs to make you feel good and raise your energy. This is where you start and end your day. This is your space, so run wild with it.

What is your intention for this space? We can sit in an empty room with nothing but you and that intention – and that right there is sacred power. Pray, connect, ask, open up to receive, be grateful. Bless your space with this intention whenever you step foot into it.

And there it is. A sacred space to call your own. Now, just be. Close your eyes and soak in the beauty and magic of this magical place you just created all of yourself. Enjoy it!

How to Create a Sacred Space

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