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At Therapy 121, our creative Coach will:

  • 375854_4176119735542_1028653493_nHelp you to identify all the elements that make up your uniqueness and talent.
  • Explore your ideas and establish which are a priority, realistic and achievable.
  • Assist you to pin point and positively reframe any limiting self beliefs.
  • Teach you how to create laser focus and maintain it.
  • Help empower you into actualizing your true creative vision.
  • Help you create a recipe and plan for great success.
  • Help you to embrace, own and celebrate your creativity.
  • Help you to find your true inner value.
  • Help you to boost your self confidence.
  • Help you repair after creative burnout.
  • Focus on artistic flow and mindful creativity.

Susan Rickaby-Culver, Creative Coach & Music Industry Expert. 

“My unique approach to coaching and personal growth will come from what has worked in my own life and with the hundreds of creative people I have worked with over my 25 years as professional songwriter and vocalist Antonia Lucas in UK Music Industry. I will work on all areas of your life: creative, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual to unlock your greatest potential. I will help you understand the uniqueness of your gifts and talents and how they can best serve you to achieve your ultimate goals. I want to hear all your creative experiences, challenges, dramas and dreams and show you a clearer pathway to the future you always knew you were born for.

Here are just some of the things you would learn as my client:

  • How to recognize limiting self-beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your goals and getting you what you really want.
  • Techniques to take control of your life and bring balance and success. Strategies to recognize the patterns that are keeping you stuck and the tools to free yourself and believe in your power and talent.
  • How to celebrate and explore your creativity, nurturing the artist, writer and performer in you.
  • Relational and communication skills that will change your personal and professional life.
  • Learn how to love and respect yourself and get others to love and respect you too.
  • Learn how to make money from your craft.
  • Music Industry consultancy”


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