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Rob Rickaby


Ever had a job you hated?  

Is it a major struggle to get out of bed every morning and face another day at a job you hate?  You may have been tempted to give it a miss, and just wish you could find a way out – a new job perhaps. But do you really want to start wading through the inevitable quagmire of job search engines, or taking calls on an hourly basis from recruiters offering jobs that just don’t fit? When was the last time you looked at your resume?  Yes you’re right! It’s tough out there!

I get it! Like many of you, I have been there and lived those feelings of anxiety, frustration, rejection, retrenchment and the disappointment of failing at an interview. I learned over time, that all these experiences in the workplace are common and do not necessarily reflect on a person’s ability, character, qualification or skill.

Over the years, I have enjoyed the experience of employing people. Agonized over the need to dismiss people and worked with those who have been out of work, in some cases for many months or years.  Finding a job can be a daunting task that takes a great deal of resilience and determination to power through the selection process.


How can I help you?

My approach to Life & Career coaching is drawn from my extensive experience in business management, social services, recruitment, training and commerce over the past 50 years. I have worked with over a thousand clients in the past few years helping them to re-assess their work, personal goals and ambitions. We have questioned if they have a career path? Is it the right one?

Do they have a dream but don’t know how to realise it? Do they have a winning resumé? All these components have to be considered to achieve a balanced life style.

Working with people, helping them to reflect on the direction they should take in their lives, has given me great personal satisfaction and has allowed me to pass on to others the same kind of support that mentors from my past invested in me.



Have you ever decorated your own home? Once the decision is made you just want to get on with it. But first, there is the boring job of preparing the surfaces. If you skip this first step, in most cases the finish is less than satisfactory. Not a good result. Deciding to change your job or career path is very much like home decoration. A satisfactory outcome is all in the planning and preparation.

It is important to evaluate:-

  • Your range of skills
  • Interests
  • Values and beliefs
  • Your identified strengths professional and personal
  • Attributes
  • Goals- – professional and personal

It’s important as part of your preparation to consider a range of options such as interview techniques, interview questions and even mannerisms. They are all part of good presentation.

The ultimate goal of any interview is to identify the best fit for the company and yourself. An employer is looking for someone who will be productive, and easily adapt to the company culture. You are looking for an employer who is supportive and appreciates and values your skills.


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  • London, UK

Languages Spoken: 
  • English


  • Career Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Resume coaching
  • Business Consultancy

Client Agreements

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