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Roy Nicholson Jr


Are you the greatest version of yourself? 

Imagine a life where you understand your purpose, you are active in pursuing your goals, you are impacting the people around you through your self-awareness and life balance, and you know exactly how to listen to your inner voice.

As a life coach, I can help you tap into and unlock your inner wisdom; that intuitive truth that will guide you through your blocks, help you find personal satisfaction and support you to become the greatest version of yourself.

About Roy

Roy is a professional certified life coach with a Master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis on Organizational Psychology. Coach Roy has always had a passion for helping others look deep inside themselves to find their true life purpose. Roy believes that self-awareness is the key to inspiring positive life transformation and is committed to supporting his clients in making the necessary shifts for healthy life change.

Roy brings over 20 years of executive sales and leadership experience, including managing and training.  With regular appearances on the Professional’s Round Table on Empire Radio, Roy offers his expertise to help us all find focus, address your fears, eliminate limiting thoughts and beliefs that road block us from being all we can be.

“I have been on my own personal development journey, which has led me to becoming a life coach. If you are on a journey but don’t know the destination or if you do know the destination but just can’t seem to get there, I can help. I look forward to working with you.”  Roy Nicholson Jr

From Life’s Pawn to Life Coach

On my journey to becoming a life coach, I realized that when we become adults, some of us know exactly what we want to do with our lives, but a lot of us don’t.  We get stuck and become a pawn of life. We live in the social affect of life and simply go with the flow, choosing to be reactive instead of proactive. I was one of those people, doing what I thought was my best but continually falling short of reaching my dreams.  I just couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t make it. I was stuck, frustrated and confused.

I was a dedicated, dependable and loyal employee.  I felt like I had worked harder than everyone else around me. I did a great job, but still it wasn’t enough.  I realized that my future was not in my hands but in the hands of someone else and I had given them this power over me.  I did physical labor jobs, customer service jobs and and then sales.  Choosing my first, commission only, sales job is when things started to change.  I realized my strengths and I felt my weaknesses, this was when I truly felt like a failure.

In the wake of this personal wake up call, I joined a personal development program.  I loved it, it was me, and I began to feel that I was taking back my personal power; taking ownership for my life.  Hungry for more knowledge, I decided to further my education and continue my own personal journey of self-discovery and development. I obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Organizational Psychology and Development from American Intercontinental University.

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  • Massillion, OH . USA

Languages Spoken:

  • English


  • Leadership & Executive Coach
  • Self Discovery Counselor
  • Life Purpose Counselor

After my graduation I learned about coaching, I wasn’t sure what a life coach was, but something resonated. After months of research, I realized that all of my experiences, training, and education were preparing me for this moment.  I continued to grow in my sales career, leading, training and coaching sales teams as well as working on my own personal development. Now the pieces all tied together. Life Coaching is my vocation.  I was trained and certified by the Institute for professional Excellence in Coaching and obtained my Professional Coach Credential through the International Coach Federation.

Yes?… I am here to help you uncover your blocks, find your true life compass, and determine the steps you will need to take to follow your calling and identify the support you will need to get there.”  Roy Nicholson Jr


Yes You Can!

No matter where you are in the world, at Therapy 121, you can contact Coach Roy from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.
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