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Client: Tom Mc Testimonial

UnknownI started my counselling approximately 3 years ago. Finding out about myself was sometimes painful, traumatic and eye opening – even heart breaking. I will admit that I wasn’t going to forgive many people, especially my mother.  Susan helped me see issues, such as my inner child – ” Young Tom” that made me realise I was not to blame, it was’t my fault. Using a photograph of me as a child and reading a very good book she gave me called toxic parents, gave me a very good awareness and insight into my past and how it had made me feel. 

The first few weeks I found really hard and I felt I was,”overstaying”  but thanks to Susan’s reassurance, I was able to accept that this was my time and I deserved it. 

Discussing my distrust of people, especially women, was very hard and a real eye opener, especially because I was working with a woman.  However as time went on, it got easier and easier and I began to understand why I felt this way.  Counselling has changed me and the way I see the world.  I can look at people in the eyes now and never could before. I have learned to curb my temper and not dwell on issues from the past that I cannot change. I now talk to my sisters after 20 years and we are learning to be a family. 

I will be leaving my parents house very soon to move into my own flat, which I feel will help me.  I never thought I would ever do that and thanks to Susan, I found the courage to make the move. Thank you Susan for all the wonderful benefits your counselling has given me. 

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